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Andi and Scott Knowles

2014-12-10 060 knowles

Since February is a month for lovers we decided to honor both Andi and Scott Knowles as our Extraordinary Athletes of the Month. Andi and Scott joined CrossFit Odyssey around April of 2014 so they have been with us for almost a year. They have two sweet boys, Maguire and Cal, both of whom you have probably seen working out with them at the gym. If you aren’t sure which ones they are, look for the girl with incredible long blond hair and her hubby.

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Andi and Scott came to us to get in a little better shape. They had heard of CrossFit before and they had been to other CrossFit boxes, but those were not quite the right fit for them. They both fit in perfectly here at Odyssey and have become a great addition to our little family. Andi has been consistently getting better in the gym, always challenging herself and pushing herself. You will often see her doing an extra run or getting in a few bicep curls at the end of class. When she hits a WOD she hits it hard and gives it her all – and you can see it in her shape! She is sweet, encouraging and supportive to everyone in the gym… and if you’re real nice she will give you the number of the gal who does her hair! Score!

2014-6-25 049  2014-6-20 084  2014-6-7 112  2014-6-25 075   images (30)

Scott wasn’t quite as enthusiastic at first, although he always gave it his all. However, he just decided to give up sodas and has lost 10 lbs since the beginning of the year! He is always friendly and helpful to others, always works hard, always helps in any way he can – even going so far as to help me get ethernet hooked up to the computers.

images (27)  2014-6-7 009  2014-12-26 226  2014-6-7 069  2014-8-6 055

Their two boys are equally sweet and often come workout in the gym. Maguire is a senior in High School and quite the athlete! Cal is 12 years old and just getting started. They both love to come help mom and dad out at the gym. Maguire is best at lifting weights and Cal is an awesome burpee machine! Best of all they are learning that physical health is important and fun by participating with mom and dad and spending quality time together doing it. Congratulations Andi and Scott! You guys are all doing an awesome job and you have become a great example and great friends at the box! We are thrilled to have you as a part of our CrossFit Family!

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