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Sunday Story…Stronger

Sunday Story…Stronger

Is better. Sometimes things boil down to something as simple as this: Stronger is better. We can all be a little stronger everywhere.

Before you sigh and shut this down I am not talking about lifting weights although being stronger in your body is also and always a good thing. Having a strong, healthy, well functioning physical body is a gift we should nurture and cherish.

I am talking about strength in the other parts of your life.
Mentally strong
Morally strong
These are two areas where stronger is definitely better.

Your mental strength will carry you through those tough times, the times where you don’t want to go on. Your mental toughness will determine if you fold under pressure or if you use that pressure to release something new, never before seen in yourself.

Your moral strength is what you stand on. This is your rock, the foundation that your life is built upon. When things get hard this is where you go for solace, for respite. Having strength in this area is foundational in life.

The real question is how to we get stronger in mind and spirit. We know how to get strong in body…strenuous exercise, clean diet, rest will get you stronger.

In order to get stronger in your mind you need to push yourself in to areas of discomfort…regularly. Just like the muscles in your body your mind needs to be pushed and challenged. Learn new skills, practice old ones, and do things you are uncomfortable doing. And then do it again until the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. There is a point when doing something that scared you to death the first time becomes commonplace, old hat. At that point it’s time to look for a new challenge.

Morally we need to strengthen ourselves with inspirational readings, constant introspection, and surrounding ourselves with people who will lift us up, expecting us to be better that we do ourselves. Gratitude, forgiveness, meditation, and prayers are our tools for improving our moral strength.

Physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger people are harder to kill. It’s simple…it’s not easy but it is simple.

John Mariotti

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