What makes CrossFit Odyssey different from every fitness program (and other CrossFit boxes) you have tried?

CrossFit Odyssey is dedicated to making the world a better place by helping people find the indomitable warrior spirit within. We are not just a gym or a CrossFit Box. We know that YOU make the world a better place by being a better YOU. We know that fitness and health will help you find the successful person inside that you want to be.

People come here because they want a change in their lives – first and foremost in their health. What happens is when people use our fitness program, they leave feeling like they can do anything they set their minds to doing. This is the unconquerable spirit we cultivate. They go back into their regular lives primed and ready to overcome any and all of the obstacles and challenges they encounter in their everyday lives.

This is the Journey to Extraordinary. We teach intense physical exercise along with healthy nutrition. We create a positive, caring community of individuals who show support and encouragement for one another. We teach kindness and giving back to the community. We want each of you to find your path to better and everyone is here to get you – and keep you – on that road. Your movement will improve, your health will improve, and your spirit will grow stronger. We know that each person who joins our Journey to Extraordinary will leave this place better… and go on to make the world a better place.

As masters athletes ourselves, we specialize in masters training and a family environment providing classes for children as well as adults. This provides several benefits. For one, parents don’t have to find something for their kids to do while they go workout. But much more importantly, this is quality time for adults and kids to spend together doing something that is good for everyone, teaches health and positivity and is just plain old fun! Suddenly kids see a healthy life as a chance to have fun with mom and dad and less as a chore.

CrossFit Odyssey…a program of constantly varied functional movement at high intensity designed to increase and improve your general physical preparedness. Universally scale-able this is a program designed for anyone at any level. The amazing side effect of this program is simple: You will be better. Here is our very simple challenge: Write down 5 things that would have your life be better. Put the list away. Give us 90 days of solid effort (4 days a week). Get the list out and see what happened. If you aren’t better I will eat my hat and refund your money.

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