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April Athletes of the Month


by Ellie McKenzie

For April’s Athlete of the Month I would like to acknowledge everyone who attempted the CrossFit Open 2016! This was the hardest year in Open history in my opinion and you all performed and competed with vigor and grace! The hardest IMG_1227part of something like this is the initial commitment to put yourself out there to be judged and seen. We go through this stuff every day – pull-ups, push-ups, cleans, snatches, burpees, box jumps and more – and we push ourselves, but competition is different. Once you are in a competition you push yourself in a way you never knew you could, and everyone is there to watch you do it, win or lose.

IMG_1987Just facing one of these workouts is an enormous challenge for most people in the world. Many of you found yourselves doing things you never imagined yourself doing. Many of you had to go to a very dark place within yourself that you had never been before. Many of you had Personal Records. Many of you had huge successes as well as some disappointments. For many of you simply completing the workout was an outstanding achievement. Most of you, I hope, discovered that you are capable of much more than you ever knew you were capable of.

IMG_1863 IMG_1885 IMG_1191 IMG_1286

For most of you this is a first step – a bench mark. From here you will continue to progress and see how much more you can accomplish before next year’s Open. For many of you this is that next step and you can see the progress you have made. For all of us this is a place for us to assess what we are good at and what we need to work on. It is also a time to reflect upon how we see ourselves in life. It is a time to look at those obstacles that pop up in every area of our lives – illnesses, deaths, helping our kids become their best, issues at work or school, fear of failure, and so many more things – and it is a time to reassess our strength. We are capable of overcoming so much more than we realize. A workout like this can show us how capable we really are.

A special Shout Out goes to Kirk Harrel this year! If it weren’t for Kirk, a lot of people would have never signed up. Kirk is also the athlete with the biggest heart, giving everything to his workout, cheering everyone else on and challenging himself all the time. God bless you, Kirk!!  We all love you!

IMG_2182 IMG_2092 IMG_1235 IMG_1087 IMG_1071 IMG_1742_Moment IMG_1704

Here are the scores:

  • John Mariotti   Region #1!!!   World # 13!!! (Masters age 55-59)
  • Jim Roney  Region #20  World #191 (Masters age 45-49)
  • Austin Cantwell Region #2599 World #35,454
  • Eric Beichler   Region #90   World #998 (Masters age 45-49)
  • Ellie McKenzie   Region #37   World # 510 (Masters age 45-49)
  • Mark Westerman Region #4607   World # 65,345
  • Lisa Prather Region #2368    World # 31,610
  • Stuart Greenfield Region #5263   World #74,197
  • Steve Graham – Not Ranked
  • David Savage – Region # 98  World #1342 (Masters age 50-54)
  • Andrea Reich Region # 125  World # 1658 (Masters)
  • John Dwyer – Not Ranked
  • John Kerr –  Region #148  World # 1861
  • Scott “Big Daddy” Knowles – Region # 375   World #4592
  • Brooke Roney – Region # 4297   World # 55,767
  • Richard Hill – Not Ranked
  • Michele Rodgers Region #340   World #4531 (Masters)
  • Jeff Lovejoy – Not Ranked
  • Kate Cruickshank – Region #661 World – 8258 (Masters)
  • Sharon Hughes – Not Ranked
  • Kirk Harrell – Region #913  World #12,397 (Masters age 40-44)

2016-3-3 561 IMG_1329 IMG_1246 IMG_7397 IMG_9095 IMG_9836



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