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Bacon and Egg Muffins aka Breakfast in a Cup | | #breakfast #muffins #bacon
Nice for a brunch or weekend breakfast


We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it can be down right impossible to get it made! Personally, my morning often begins at 4:30 am when I quickly shower, throw on clothes and head to the gym to teach the 5:30am class. It’s usually too early for me to think about eating at that time, and then when I get home it is a relay race taking 3 kids to 3 schools all at different times. My oldest has to be at dance at 7am so I race home after class and pick her up and drop her off. Then I race back home and get the little one up and dressed. Waking her is like waking the dead and often involves several trips to her room, putting clothes on a limp noodle body and deciding what to do with all of those curls. After I drop her off I head back home for the boy. If I’m lucky I have enough time here to make myself a great breakfast (lucky boy!).
My favorite breakfast lately is 4 egg whites + 1oz ground turkey and ground beef mix + 1/2 cup quinoa + 1/2 cup spinach, jalapenos, mushrooms and red bell peppers. It’s a LOT of food, but it fuels me for the insane workouts I love so much. However, toward the end of the week I start running out of time and I often find myself running out of the house with no nourishment, which I can feel later in my workout.The protein, fat and carbs in my morning can make a huge difference in my performance (oh and by the way it can make a huge difference in yours, too – even if your performance is at a desk!)
So, I have been looking for a quick, easy solution to my breakfast dilemma, and here it is. Bacon and egg breakfast muffins. You can make these the night before and you can change them up a bit for your needs. Personally, I need 3oz protein, 1/2 – 1 Cup veggies and 30g of carbs in the morning. In order to make that happen with these egg cups I can do a few things. I can make the egg cups by themselves and have veggies and carbs on the side, or I can mix it all together somehow. my best results so far involve sauteeing the veggies, adding them to the eggwhites and bacon. If I am on a low-fat breakfast day I can also delete the bacon. I usually have the quinoa on the side (I pre-cook it and then heat small batches quickly in the microwave), but I could just as easily add it to my egg whites for a fluffier muffin.
Give this recipe a try and play around with the ingredients. Have some fun with it! After all, you can’t go wrong with bacon and eggs!
For this recipe and more like it check out:
Author: Judith Hannemann
Serves: 3
  • 12 slices bacon
  • 6 medium eggs
  • 3 slices bread (any kind)
  • ½ cup sauteed mushrooms -OR- 6 slices tomato (thin slices)
  • salt & pepper
  • thyme, oregano or parsley (optional)
  1. Spray or grease REALLY well a 6-count muffin pan. Really grease that sucka up or the bread or any errant egg white will stick like glue. I’d actually advise using non-stick here.
  2. Partially cook bacon–it should NOT be cooked to crisp. This will just render a lot of the fat out of it. The bacon should be pliable. Drain on paper towels and cool slightly.
  3. Using a cookie cutter or a glass, cut circles roughly the size of the base of the muffin cup.
  4. If you choose to use mushrooms, drain all but 1 tbs of the bacon fat out of the frying pan. Saute mushrooms for about 5 minutes over medium heat. Set aside.
  5. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  6. Place a bread circle at the bottom of each muffin cup. Now fit 2 slices of bacon loosely around the sides in each cup, overlapping as necessary, lining the sides of the muffin cup, forming a bacon “cup”.
  7. Place about 1 tbs of the mushrooms on top of the bread circle -OR- place sliced tomato on top of the bread circle.
  8. Finally, break egg and add to the bacon-lined cup on top of the mushrooms/tomato. Sprinkle top of each egg with salt, pepper, and a pinch of any of the herbs (or a combo of all of them) on top of each egg.
  9. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, or until bacon is cooked to crisp–don’t overcook or the bacon will burn!

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