Whatcha gonna do in 2022?

By Ellie Bishop McKenzie If you read John Mariotti’s Sunday Story, “The Critic and The Cheerleader”, then you know that as this year draws to an end you need to kick your inner critic to the curb and allow your inner celebrant to have all

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New Storefront!

Come check it out and see what we have for you! We’ve got: T-shirts Sweatshirts, Tank Tops Shorts Leggings SFHProtein powder SFH Fish Oil SFH Post-Workout SFH Non-Stimulant Energy Generator “Revive” Blonyx Creatine xendurance Extreme Endurance Pangea Biomedical vitamin supplements Pure Spectrum CBD Body Health

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Bryce Geen ~ New Coach!

We hope all of you will welcome (if you haven’t already) our newest coach, Bryce Geen! Bryce is husband to his sweet, little pregnant wife, Cara, father to two adorable little boys, and about to be the father to a little girl! Yes – I

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Body Image Part 1

As a trainer I hear a lot about bodies, but I hear a whole, whole lot about body image – mostly from women. Body image is defined as the subjective picture or mental image of ones own body. Let’s break that down some more…“Subjective” means

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The Magic Pill

If I offered you a magic pill that increased your life expectancy and general health, would you take it? If I told you it would help you fight cancer would you pay for it? If I told you it would help you beat Covid, would

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I didn’t die… Oh but darling, Did you LIVE?

In September I turned 52 years old, so I jumped out of a plane. It might seem crazy, but every year I like to do something that I’ve always dreamed of doing to celebrate the fact that I’m still alive and I’ve made it this

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October Offerings

October is coming and that means lots of fun stuff is coming too! Check out these awesome options and see if you want to participate with us! SOBER OCTOBER Yes, I know football is on TV in October, but this might just be a great

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CrossFit Fundraiser for Beth

One of the things I love about CrossFit is how it helps people deal with life’s challenges. I have watched it again and again as they stare at the floor and I can see their struggles on their faces. We all have a story, and

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Personal Accountability

Yeah, it has been a heckuva “year” – or really a year and a half. On Friday, March 13th, 2020 (yes, Friday the 13th) we headed into quarantine. Here at CrossFit Odyssey, we have been back to business since May 18th of 2020. But it

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New Year’s Fitness Challenge 2021

Fitness Challenges 2021 We just finished our Holiday Fitness Challenge and among our challenge accepters, we lost several pounds, lost several inches, gained strength and confidence, and had some fun to boot! Now that the holidays are over we have two weeks to get back

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