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Bright Spots – Help us Make the World a Better Place!

The crazy world we are living in right now seems very focused on negativity and darkness. But we at CrossFit Odyssey want to focus on the Bright Spots so we are hosting a Fun Family Fitness Fundraiser!

At Home Family Fitness Fundraiser Competition

100% of profits go to Hope Cottage.


With the Covid-19 pandemic, job loss, depression, nationwide tensions, and unrest, our country and our city are seeing child abuse and neglect at an all-time high. Also due to the financial fears caused by the pandemic, donations have declined for many non-profits, making it more difficult for them to serve the people in need. Hope Cottage Foster Care Services Program finds loving foster homes that provide safety and stability to children in need. With over 102 years of service, Hope Cottage has focused on its mission of nurturing and building families through education, counseling and adoption services.Your participation in this fun event for the whole family will provide resources to support children’s emotional and physical needs while at the same time helping YOU and your family be healthier.


  • 1 workout per day for 4 days
  • beginning at 5pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
  • A new workout will be released each night at 5 pm.
  • You will have until 5pm on Sunday, October 4th, 2020 to submit all 4 scores.
  • You can choose between weighted (one Dumbbell or Kettlebell) or non-weighted
  • A list of requirements and standards for each workout will be released with each workout. Athletes may compete as:
    • Individual
    • Team (a Family)
    • Both (however if they want to compete as both then they will have to pay for the two seperate registrations).
  • Athletes may also enter as:
    • Bodyweight Competition (meaning no equipment will be needed)
    • Weighted Competition (Dumbbells and Kettlebells only)
  • The Divisions will be as follows:
    • Kids bodyweight Competition
    • Kids weighted Competition
    • Adult bodyweight Competition
    • Adult weighted Competition
    • Family bodyweight Competition
    • Family weighted Competition


There will be something for EVERYONE so even the grandparents can participate!! If you have someone who does NOT want to do the workouts, but wants to contribute to fundraise to Hope Cottage to help these children in need, please feel free to donate!


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