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Sunday Story…The 3 Cs

Sunday Story…The 3 C’s You have probably seen this before: Choose Chance Change If you want to make a shift these are the 3 things

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Sunday Story…Show Up

Sunday Story…Show Up Because you can. Not because you want or need something. Not because you think you might need something in the future. Show

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Sunday Story…Shame

Sunday Story…Shame I talk every week with people who are afraid. Afraid they can’t do this or that. Afraid that they will be ridiculed, or

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Sunday Story…Push

Sunday Story…Push We humans are an interesting lot. We admire amazing feats of strength, crazy courageous acts, and extreme performances of many stripes. We marvel

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Sunday Story…NOW VS LATER

Sunday Story…NOW VS LATER It doesn’t taste as good as fit feels…NOW. Unfortunately this isn’t true. It tastes good NOW. Fit will feel good LATER.

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Sunday Story…Life Lifes

Sunday Story…Life lifes Life is going to life. That’s what it does. It doesn’t matter what you do life is going to move ahead. The

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