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CrossFit – Thu, Feb 9

CrossFit Odyssey – CrossFit


Joints/Tens (No Measure)


Ten of each:


Back Extensions (supermans),


air squats,


Push Presses and

Overhead Squats
Row x 500m, nasal breathing only
Sumo Stance Banded Good Morning x 20 reps
Bodyweight Walking Lunge x 25 reps
Side Plank Hip Bounce x 30 per side

Two sets of:
Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift x 10 reps
Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift x 10 reps per side


Deadlift (6 X 4)

Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets) of:
Deadlift x 4 reps @ 80% of 1-RM Deadlift

FITNESS | Posterior Chain Strength
Every 90 seconds, for 18 minutes (3 sets) of:
Station 1 – 8 Single-Arm Deadlifts + 40-Meter Suitcase Carry* (Left)
Station 2 – 8 Single-Arm Deadlifts + 40-Meter Suitcase Carry* (Right)
Station 3 – 12 Seated Band-Resisted Rows** @ 2111
Station 4 – 45-60 seconds of L-Sit Holds (accumulate the time)

*You may perform this with a farmer’s handle, a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell, or a barbell. Perform the deadlift with your arm in the center of your body, and the carry with your arm at your side.
**Tie a band to a post approximately 12 inches off the ground, take a seated positon on the ground and focus on pulling your shoulder blades down and in to the spine throughout the pull.


Tiki (2 Rounds for time)

Two sets for times of:
Row 750/600 Meters
20 Toes to Bar
40 Walking Lunges with Kettlebell Farmer’s Carry (24/16 kgs)
Rest the same length of time the first set took you – 1:1 Work:Rest Ratio

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