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Dwaine Nurse – March’s Extraordinary Athlete

2015-3-11 193

Dwaine has been one of our members since last June. As a matter of fact, he came in just as the whole CrossFit Games 2014 madness was going on.

Dwaine is one of those athletes who comes in and does his work and goes home.  Yet when you look at the weight on bar you get very impressed indeed.  We usually find Dwaine in the 7AM class and he is consistently there 3 or 4 days a week.  Don’t hate him, but he says his favorite movement is the thruster… yes, you heard that right, barbell or dumbbell thrusters. Not that he wants to see any more of them, but it is the thruster never the less. And if you ever see him in class… check out his form on his squat!

2015-3-11 190      2015-3-11 183       2015-3-11 173

2014-10-24 245Dwaine loves the challenge CrossFit brings to his fitness to constantly get better. It isn’t boring or routine. Most of all he enjoys the people and community he finds here at Odyssey.  His strength is way up over the last 8 months from 1 pull up to 10 not to mention his back squat! Look for Dwaine to post some big squat numbers soon! Dwaine has lost weight and most importantly he has lost a couple pant sizes. So…stronger, healthier and fitter!

Dwaine hails from St. Louis, MO and is an alum of the University of Missouri (Mizzou!). He is an accountant for Balfour and Beatty and resides here in the neighborhood. He claims his wife’s name is Kris but none of us have seen her yet! (Hint, hint!)

Congratulations Dwaine Nurse on being CrossFit Odyssey’s Extraordinary Athlete of the month of March! We love participating in your Journey to Extraordinary!

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