Happy Holidays and Let’s Get In Gear For The New Year!!

I can't believe it, but we are at the end of another year! The year 2018 has been absolutely awesome here at CrossFit Odyssey. John Mariotti made his THIRD trip to The CrossFit Games and finished 13th in the world despite knee and shoulder injuries. We have more...

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Gratitude… Again… and Thanksgiving Schedule

This Thanksgiving we at CrossFit Odyssey are truly grateful. We just had our 5-year anniversary party and we are thrilled that it was such a fun event and even more thrilled that we were able to raise over $3500 for Wipe Out Kids' Cancer! This has been such an...

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FIVE LONG YEARS – on my 49th Birthday

Last week I turned 49 years old - what very definitively feels like the last trudge up the apex of "The Hill' we call life. I feel like I am almost to the top of Mt. Everest, the top of the world - as if somehow when I get there I am going to see something magical or...

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Pay Yourself First

This morning I was working with a new client and she had the chance after her lesson to talk to a few of the other gym members and hear their experiences. She is a new mom and recently started her own insurance business. One of my clients, a 58-year-old woman who has...

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Thanks and Extraordinary Things to Come!

So much big stuff is happening at CrossFit Odyssey right now!  First off, as you may have noticed, we have been making a few changes to the organization of the gym. We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa Prather, JJ Wynn Jackson and our coach, Lara Norton. These...

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Gratitude on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there on this beautiful May day that celebrates what we do for our sweet babies, and what our mothers did for all of us. Mother's Day is always an interesting day to me because as a mom, I am celebrated for what I...

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Gratitude – Part 3

I have been thinking literally for months - and honestly for years - about Gratitude. And I have been struggling for over a month about how to write this particular blog. I felt like I needed to say something huge and go into a ton of detail and explanation. But I've...

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The Making of a Champion

People ask me all the time what made me fall in love with CrossFit. I can tell you that it is what I learned from this man, John Mariotti. John had a very small gym in Fernley, NV where he taught "cross-training", Jiu-Jitsu and TaeKwon-Do (he's a 6th degree black...

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Everybody Has a Story

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I think the world is against me. Sometimes I think you would not believe the storm I have endured. And then sometimes I can't believe what a wimp I am for thinking for one second that what I have endured is different from...

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What We Learned From the Open

Every year when the CrossFit Open is over I go back over the workouts and I reassess. I look at each workout and how well I performed and I try to figure out what worked for me and what worked against me. As a coach I try to do the same with my members. How can I help...

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The CrossFit Open – This Is Hard – 2017

This past week many of you completed your very first CrossFit Open Workout. I'm sure it was an eye opening experience. FOUR years ago I entered my first CrossFit Games Open Competition. This is what I wrote about that first day of self-torture…...

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