Extraordinary Athletes

Eric and Julie Beichler

Poor, poor Eric and Julie Beichler have been with us for a very, very long time, but neither of them has ever been Extraordinary Athlete of the month and this is why: I have been SAVING them for my Valentines Extraordinary Couple!!! Remember that Sunday

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Mindfulness – Holiday Contest Winner!

We have a winner for our Holiday Contest and this person won by a whole, whole lot! If you aren’t sure what the contest was it’s pretty simple – who can move the most meters from Thanksgiving Day to January 1st. Why would anyone do

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Karen Sanderson – December’s Extraordinary Athlete

The other night I was at dinner with December’s Extraordinary Athlete, Karen Sanderson and I couldn’t stop looking at her shoulders. They looked slimmer and strong and just plain sexy! Karen came to us about 9 months ago through Julie Heath and Julie Beichler. She

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Danielle Gibbs – November’s Extraordinary Athlete

November’s Extraordinary Athlete is Danielle Gibbs. Danielle is a wife to Nathan and mom to sweet little Jackson, whom you may have seen at the gym watching his mommy or working on his box jumps. You may have seen Danielle’s post in the CrossFit Odyssey

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Tim Higginbotham – October’s Extraordinary Athlete

This month join me in honoring Tim Higginbotham as our October Extraordinary Athlete.Tim has the distinction of being one of, if not the tallest man in the box.  At 6’6” or so, he can squat to parallel on the 24″ box but his height also

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Thomas Westerman – September’s Extraordinary Athlete

September’s Extraordinary athlete is very soon to be 10 year old Thomas Westerman. Thomas is in 4th grade at St. Rita’s Elementary School and he is interested in Boy Scouts, MineCraft and CrossFit Kids! Thomas has been with us in some way or form from

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Honorable Mention – Jennifer Hull

I would also like to acknowledge one other special athlete this month, Jennifer Hull. Jennifer went to the Episcopal School of Dallas with me and now she is a kindergarten teacher in Greenville, South Carolina. Jennifer contacted me several months ago after seeing my posts

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Lisa Prather – August’s Extraordinary Athlete

July’s Extraordinary Athlete is Lisa Prather. Lisa is an Associate Attorney at Haynes and Boone, LLP and she works out early in the mornings. She is probably the strongest girl in the box – including me. Lisa has a bench press of 185lbs., a clean around 145lbs.,

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Dr. David Podeszwa – June’s Extraordinary Athlete

June’s Extraordinary athlete is Dr. David Podeszwa. Dr. P is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Yeah, you probably wouldn’t expect to see one of those in CrossFit, would you? He has a beautiful wife, Ann, who ran her first marathon right after he joined us and

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Davis Beichler – May’s Extraordinary Athlete

                May’s Extraordinary Athlete is one of our CrossFit Teens, Davis Beichler. Some of you may know his parents – Eric and Julie, two of our fittest members at CrossFit Odyssey. His parents have been coming for a

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