Extraordinary Athletes

April Athletes of the Month

by Ellie McKenzie For April’s Athlete of the Month I would like to acknowledge everyone who attempted the CrossFit Open 2016! This was the hardest year in Open history in my opinionĀ and you all performed and competed with vigor and grace! The hardest part of

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Malcolm Hick’s – February’s Extraordinary Athlete

February’s Extraordinary Athlete is Malcolm Hicks. Malcolm is the proud father of 2 beautiful girls at ESD and Ursuline and husband to his beautiful wife, Heather, as well as an avidĀ sports fan! Many of you may not know him because he shows up at 5:30

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John Kerr – November’s Extraordinary Athlete

November’s Extraordinary Athlete is John Kerr. John almost always works out at the 5:30am class. He came to us in our old location, poking his head in the door for almost 3 months before he decided to give us a try. John is 53 years

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Allan Brown – October’s Extraordinary Athlete

October’s Extraordinary athlete is Allan Brown. Allan works out at the 4:30 or 5:30pm and he is the father of two beautiful girls and husband to his beautiful wife, Karen. Allan just turned 50 years old this month but you would never know it by

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Russell Huber -September’s Extraordinary Athlete

Have you ever heard of the Hello Kitty weights at CrossFit Odyssey? Well, September’s extraordinary athlete, Russel Huber, invented them. They symbolized his belief that he needed to use the little girl weights because he had become older and weaker. Russell is a 54 year

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Amy Peck – August’s Extraordinary Athlete

August’s Extraordinary Athlete is Amy Peck. Amy is a Yale graduate, the mother of two boys, Oliver and Colin, and the wife of Kevin Peck as well as an extraordinary volunteer. She has been coming to CrossFit Odyssey for a little over a year now

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Andrea Reich – July’s Extraordinary Athlete

July’s athlete of the month is Andrea Reich. Andrea is a single mother of her beautiful daughter, Miriam, and she works with several volunteer organizations and owns her own jewelry company, Diadem Jewelry, where she makes all her own pieces like the one above. Andrea

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Kirk Harrell – May’s Extraordinary Athlete

        May’s Extraordinary Athlete is one we have all been waiting to see here – Kirk Harrell. Now, Kirk really doesn’t like a lot of attention and he didn’t really want to be on social media until he felt like he really

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David Savage – May’s Extraordinary Athlete

May’s extraordinary athlete is David Savage. Most of you have met David at some point in time (he comes to class at lots of different times)… or you have seen his back as he runs past you and disappears into the distance. David is tall

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Ashley Williamson – April’s Extraordinary Athlete

April’s extraordinary athlete award goes to 14 year old Ashley Williamson. Ashley has been with CrossFit Odyssey for about 5 months now and she has been making great progress. She comes with her whole family – dad Mark, mom Melinda and little brother Colin. Ashley

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