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Friday, 11/20

Cash In: 4x 200m…30sec rest
Basic & Performance
Strength: 5 rounds (10 minutes) – EMOM, complete:
  • -Odd minute: 3x muscle clean (Work up to a max triple for the day in the 5 rounds)
  • -Even minute: 20m 2-arm overhead KB walk (2x 70#/2×53# KB)
Work Capacity: “CrossFit Liftoff WOD”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
  • -3x snatches (135#/105#)
  • -6x clean and jerks (135#/105#)
  • -9x chest-to-bar pull-ups (135#/105#)
  • -54x double-unders
Conditioning (Optional): “Death by suicide sprints”: EMOM, for as long as possible, complete:
-1x 10m suicide sprint
*Each minute, add 1 10m length. So, the second minute you will sprint 10m, touch the line, turn around and sprint back 10m. At third minute, you will do 3x 10m lengths, etc.
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