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Friday, 4/1

Basic & Performance

  1. Snatch+snatch balance : 1+1 x 5 sets.  snatch the weight from the ground, bring bar to traps in the rear….SMALL DIP + drive your body into an over head squat (snatch balance) with a dip.  THIS IS A CONFIDENCE BUILDER…..TRY TO GO HEAVY, BUT NO MISSES.
  2. 1 pwr snatch+4 ohs ×4 sets.
  3. 3 pos snatch deadlift: pause 2 sec at each position.  floor to mid thigh…pause.  mid thigh to the down position…hips under bar torso upright back tight….pause 2 seconds. from this down position now drive hard with the thighs creating acceleration on the bar to the finished position….slowly return bar to the floor. perform 3 sets of this exercise with a heavier weight…..suggestion about 80%- 90% of best clean.  HOWEVER….if this is too heavy, go by feel.
  4.  25 pull ups + 25 sit ups x 3 sets.


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