CrossFit is Our Specialty

All of our CrossFit classes have a Basic Workout and a Performance Workout. Everyone starts out with the Basics and is welcome to perform the Performance workout as soon as you have the skills to do so. Performance skills include higher level movements such as handstand push-ups, ring dips, and pistols as well as heavier weights in all movements, but especially the Olympic lifts. If you are interested in the Performance WOD, please let us know and we will evaluate your movement and let you know what you need to do to be ready. You do NOT need to get in shape to try it – that is our job and we will help ease you in confidently and safely. We also offer personal training for all levels for people who don’t feel as comfortable in a group setting or who have more specific goals that they want to meet such as competing in CrossFit competitions or training for a specific sport.

Masters Athletes

Our head trainer, John Mariotti, has been an athlete his entire life, competing in everything from Martial Arts to Ultra Marathons (50 mile runs) to CrossFit where he came in as the 6th Fittest Man on Earth age 55-59 in 2014 and 8th Fittest in the 60+ group in 2017. As an experienced athlete, he is very familiar with injury and the importance of avoiding injury as well as how to keep our bodies performing the way we want them to perform – even into a more seasoned time of our lives. Preparation and recovery are both keys to a healthy fitness regiment and we will help you find that balance. As masters, almost every person who enters our box enters with some kind of injury that has bothered them for years and kept them from being their physical best, but we help you work around those injuries and get better every day… instead of just getting older.

Kids Classes

We offer children’s classes including CrossFit Kids (age 6-12), CrossFit TEENS (age 13-18) and Tigers (age 3 1/2 to 5). That way parents can workout while their kids do, too… instead of being plopped in front of a tv. We also allow older kids (13 and up) to workout with their parents in regular WODs and on Saturday morning we offer a CrossFit family class where kids of all ages can workout with their parents. The idea here is that we want our kids to understand how important health is in our lives as well as understanding that exercise is something that is social and fun! We want this to be quality family time together that encourages friendly competition, good sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle.

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