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Gratitude on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there on this beautiful May day that celebrates what we do for our sweet babies, and what our mothers did for all of us. Mother’s Day is always an interesting day to me because as a mom, I am celebrated for what I do, which of course, I never feel like I do enough. And on the other hand, I look at my mom and I am so grateful for all she put up with from me. I was perhaps, a wee bit difficult. I was independent, opinionated, thought I knew everything… gosh, I know a teenager JUST like that! Luckily, those traits have a good side – they gave me what I needed to start my own business and try new things and stretch my limitations. But boy oh boy are they a pain when you’re a single mom trying to exert a little bit of influence over the adorable child exhibiting those traits!

So to my mother on this beautiful day, thank you. Thank you for not eating your young. Thank you for liking me when I was unlikable. Thank you for forgiving all of the stupid, mean, ridiculous things I ever said and did (and might still do). Thank you for always expecting my best from me, even when I didn’t want to give it. Thank you for teaching me how important it is to just be a good person and treat people with kindness, grace, and respect.

And to my children on this beautiful day, thank you. Thank you for teaching me the other side of this crazy equation. You don’t see it yet, but someday you will understand (I hope). Thank you for being ultimately good human beings with good hearts who are going to do great things in this amazing world we live in.

And to all of the wonderful, beautiful mothers out there, “You is kind, you is smart and you is important”! Thank you for all you do each and every day!

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