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Honorable Mention – Jennifer Hull


I would also like to acknowledge one other special athlete this month, Jennifer Hull. Jennifer went to the Episcopal School of Dallas with me and now she is a kindergarten teacher in Greenville, South Carolina. Jennifer contacted me several months ago after seeing my posts on Facebook. She said she was really out of shape and she needed some help getting her health back in order. She has been in town visiting family for the past 3 weeks and she has been in here almost every day working out. She has not only shown up, which can be incredibly intimidating at a CrossFit box, but she has shown up with a great attitude and an incredible will to succeed! Day after day I have seen huge improvements in her abilities and stamina. When I scale her back, she asks if she can do more. Even though it is a struggle, she pushes through the workout and she never quits. To top it off, she has been incredibly friendly and supportive toward everyone else in the gym.

Jennifer is headed back to South Carolina tomorrow where she will continue working out at her local gym, KD Workout. She promised to come back at Christmas and workout with us again and show us how much stronger she has become! Congratulations Jennifer, on your Journey to Extraordinary! I am beyond proud of you!!!!

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