John’s CrossFit journey began in 2008 as he sought to find a way to maintain and improve his fitness level for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training, and CrossFit accomplished that and more. CrossFit training improved all aspects of his fitness across a broad and inclusive definition.


  • CrossFit Level 1 (2010)
  • CrossFit Level 2 (2016)
  • CrossFit Kids (2012)
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility (2011)
  • CrossFit Self Defense (2014)
  • CrossFit Gymnastics (2014)
  • USAW Level 1 (2016),
  • Nutrition
  • Strike Movement
  • Gymnastics with Carl Paoli


  • CrossFit Open 2012 – 53rd in the world
  • CrossFit open 2013 – 31st in the world
  • CrossFit Open 2014 – 5th in the world / 20th in Age Group Qualifier 
  • CrossFit Games 2014 – 6th Fittest Man on Earth age 55-59.
  • CrossFit Open 2015 – 19th in the world / 27 in Age Group Qualifier
  • CrossFit Open 2016 – 15th in the world / 23rd in Age Group Qualifier
  • CrossFit Open 2017 – 2nd in the world / 2nd in Age Group Qualifier
  • CrossFit Games 2017 – 8th Fittest Man on Earth age 60+
  • CrossFit Open 2018 – 15th in the world / 9th in Age Group Qualifier
  • CrossFit Games 2018 – 13th Fittest Man on Earth age 60+

My CrossFit competitive journey started with the CrossFit Open in 2012 when I
finished 53rd in the world. In 2013 I finished tied for 31st. After hiring CJ Martin and CrossFit
Invictus as remote coaches and moving to Dallas, Texas in the fall of 2013, my hard work paid off in 2014 with a finish at 5th in the world in my age group in the CrossFit Open and 20th in the first ever Age Group Online Qualifier. In 2014 I made my first trip to the CrossFit Games and finished as the sixth Fittest Man on Earth age 55-59. In 2015 I was #19 in the open and missed the cut off in the qualifier, finishing #27. In
2016, the open brought a 15th place finish and, again, just outside the cut off at
#23 after the qualifier. At 60 years old in 2017, I finished second in the world in both the Open and the qualifier and subsequently 8th Fittest Man on Earth age 60+ at my 2nd CrossFit games. Finally, 2018, had me limping in the competition season with both knee and shoulder injuries, but I managed a 15th place
finish in the Open and improved to #9 to qualify for my 3rd Reebok CrossFit games.
Somehow I managed to finish the 2018 CrossFit Games as the 13th Fittest Man on Earth age 60+ in spite of the injury profile (cortisone was my friend!)

After 3 surgeries in 2018 I am fighting my way back to extraordinary fitness using
all the same tools and programming as all of our athletes here at Odyssey! You
will find me working out along side our everyday hero-athletes as we all continue
on our Journey to Extraordinary.

Other Achievements:
1978 Graduate, Liberal Arts, Gonzaga University
6th degree black belt, Universal TaeKwon-Do
Purple Belt Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
F.A.S.T. instructor (Fear Adrenaline Stress Training)
Ultimate Black Belt Test participant (2007)
Texas State Weightlifting Champion (55-59/85 kg)) 2014

Mission Statement:

I teach focus and inspire transformation. Change yourself and you change the
world. Live your life of purpose, on purpose and your Journey to Extraordinary will
serve as a signpost for everyone around you.
Lastly, my blog can be found here and has been operating continuously for over
10 years!

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