Sunday Story…Fitter

Sunday Story…Fitter Than yesterday, last week, last year. Way back when we were young most of our peers were relatively fit. Granted some of them were much fitter but fit was more the norm than not. We could run and jump and play games and do what we wanted to do with...

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Sunday Story…Now

Sunday Story…Now Or later. I want it now. I want it all and I want it now. This is the toddler’s way! I did it once; I shouldn’t have to do it, again and again, to get whatever it is. You and I know this is not true. I have to eat healthy nourishing food over and over...

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Sunday Story…Why don’t I

Sunday Story…Why don’t I Do what I know is going to be good for me? You know you will feel better after you work out but… You’re tired It’s cold You have SO much to do You aren’t feeling well You just aren’t in the mood. So you don’t go. And you end up feeling worse...

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Sunday Story…The Space

Sunday Story…The space between Where you are and where you want to be can be vast. It could be a chasm and look completely impassable. It could be a challenge and look like something that may inspire you to do more, be better. You get to decide what that space...

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Sunday Story…the Critic

Sunday Story...the Critic And you. The critic is always there, lurking just behind the door, ready to rush out with a bang and then slink away like a stain. He/she is familiar, the voice well known, and you are used to listening. He knows how to hurt us. She knows...

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Sunday Story…3 things

Sunday Story…3 things You must have in your life. Trust. Commitment. Love. Trust yourself. You know what the right thing is, do it. You know what the wrong thing is, don’t do that. It is never the right time to do the wrong thing and it is always the right time to do...

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Sunday Story…Freedom

Sunday Story…Freedom Requires discipline. Many people think Freedom means you can do anything you want, whenever you want. But, really, that’s not freedom, that’s anarchy and chaos. To be truly free you must have discipline. Discipline means you will do what you need...

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Sunday Story…Balance vs. Harmony

Sunday Story...Balance vs. Harmony We are often exhorted to have balance in our, family, hobbies all balanced. If we get out of balance something has to give in order for us to find balance again. Balance is boring. Balance doesn't move, it is a static...

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Sunday Story…Turn on your Drive

Sunday Story…Turn on your Drive We only have a brief moment or two here on this planet. As I write this my life, your life is flowing away. My body is decaying. We know not where we may end up over the next few years but we know for certain were we will be when it is...

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Sunday Story…The Sum

Sunday Story…The Sum Of your life can be found by adding up how and with whom you spend your time. Obviously you spend all of your time with yourself. What do you say to yourself? How do you treat yourself? Do you put in good food, good thoughts, good words, exercise...

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Sunday Story…Say What?

Sunday Story…Say What? I talk to myself constantly. From the time I get up in the morning until I go to sleep at night there is a running dialog in my head. Most of the time this conversation is mundane…don’t forget to buy bread, remember to call so and so stuff like...

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Sunday Story…All you can eat

Sunday Story…All you can eat Might not be a benefit. Just because you Can do something does not mean you Should do something. You can eat it all but should you? If eating all I can leaves me with a bloated belly and an all day malaise, should I indulge myself that...

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