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May’s Extraordinary Athlete – Jonathan Szabo

May’s Extraordinary Athlete is VERY soon-to-be father of twin boys, Jonathan Szabo. And by soon, I mean any minute now! Yes, 37-year old Jon and his wife are expecting their first children – twin boys – any minute now. Luckily, Jon has done everything to prepare physically for this event. Since he joined Odyssey last August Jon has lost several inches in his waist, gained a few in his shoulders and legs and his posture has improved immensely!

If you’ve worked out with Jon it is doubtful you missed him – he is about 6’8 and built like a line backer. However, like most of you, he didn’t have a lot of experience with a lot of what we were doing in class and his size really worked against him in a lot of ways. Being big and tall can help you lift heavy stuff, but it can also make certain movements much more difficult. It can also impair your posture because you are always ducking. But Jon worked very hard from day one to make sure he did the best he could do. What made Jon stand out to all of us is his dedication and attention to detail. He comes in 3-5 days/week and he often shows up for the Olympic lifting classes on Saturday mornings at 9am. He payed close attention to the details that helped him move better and it made a huge difference and his lifting is looking better and better!

So congratulations Jon on your Journey to Extraordinary and best of luck with your new journey that is about to begin!

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