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Member’s Message…Small Steps

Member’s Message…Small Steps


“…small steps, consistently, in the right direction will eventually yield big results.” George Mumford.


If you don’t get here you won’t make those small steps. I know you don’t always want to…you’re tired, allergies are acting up, shoulders a little tweaky, or whatever ails you. You’re not going to want to show up here at the box every day. This is a fact of life.


Sometimes the weights feel heavy. They are supposed to be heavy. If they weren’t heavy it wouldn’t be worth it. That is not an excuse not to train. Training is a process that takes hours and hours of working on your technique. You learn and grow. Sometime you make mistakes but you always put in the work.


If you must…you scale your work back…less weight, reps, or sets, or move a little slower. Whatever you need to do but get in here. If you can’t get here drop in somewhere and do the best you can for that session. That work, done intentionally, will contribute to the great days that are right around the corner.


The important thing is to show up, do work, and be intentional. Work around or through your stuff but don’t let that stuff stand between you and your goals. The right direction is this way!


John Mariotti




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