Misha Vyazmensky – November’s Extraordinary Athlete

Congratulations to Misha Vyazmensky, November's Extraordinary Athlete! Born and raised in Russia, Misha is the Chief Technology Officer at Exponent Technologies as well as a husband and a father to two kiddos. He is a very busy man with work and kids, but he always...

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Sandeep Sadhwani – September’s Extraordinary Athlete

Sandeep Sadhwani is September's Extraordinary Athlete. Sandeep is a husband to his beautiful wife, Sangeeta and father to two girls, Serah and Samara, who both go to St. Monica's and he takes care of his special needs brother full time. To say the least, he has a full...

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Nancy McMahon – November’s Extraordinary Athlete

November's Extraordinary Athlete, Nancy McMahon came to us via her husband, Doug. Doug has been doing CrossFit for several years now at CrossFit Dallas Central. He wanted to give Odyssey a try because our schedule fit his a little bit better and because we were a...

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Bill Kingsley – September’s Extraordinary Athlete

September's Extraordinary Athlete is Bill Kingsley. Many of you know him because he has pretty regular attendance - he works out in the evenings, shows up for Olympic lifting class, and he often comes on the weekends. Bill works for an insurance company that insures...

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May’s Extraordinary Athlete – Jonathan Szabo

May's Extraordinary Athlete is VERY soon-to-be father of twin boys, Jonathan Szabo. And by soon, I mean any minute now! Yes, 37-year old Jon and his wife are expecting their first children - twin boys - any minute now. Luckily, Jon has done everything to prepare...

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April’s Extraordinary Athlete – Jenny Abbott

April's Extraordinary Athlete is Jenny Abbott, wife to Todd Abbott, mother to her three little cuties, Audrey, Jack and Kate. Jenny is very involved taking care of her family,  a ambassador tor Noonday Collection, a socially responsible business that uses fashion...

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Matthew Lee – March’s Extraordinary Athlete

  March's Extraordinary Athlete is Matthew Lee, a 16 year old sophomore at Highland Park High School. Matthew joined us here at CrossFit Odyssey last August. It is amazing to see how much he has changed in just those few months! I recently heard one of the dads say,...

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Eric and Julie Beichler

Poor, poor Eric and Julie Beichler have been with us for a very, very long time, but neither of them has ever been Extraordinary Athlete of the month and this is why: I have been SAVING them for my Valentines Extraordinary Couple!!! Remember that Sunday Story about...

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Mindfulness – Holiday Contest Winner!

We have a winner for our Holiday Contest and this person won by a whole, whole lot! If you aren't sure what the contest was it's pretty simple - who can move the most meters from Thanksgiving Day to January 1st. Why would anyone do this??? Well, I'll give you three...

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Karen Sanderson – December’s Extraordinary Athlete

The other night I was at dinner with December's Extraordinary Athlete, Karen Sanderson and I couldn't stop looking at her shoulders. They looked slimmer and strong and just plain sexy! Karen came to us about 9 months ago through Julie Heath and Julie Beichler. She is...

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