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Mindfulness – Holiday Contest Winner!

Mindfulness wooden sign with a beach on background

We have a winner for our Holiday Contest and this person won by a whole, whole lot! If you aren’t sure what the contest was it’s pretty simple – who can move the most meters from Thanksgiving Day to January 1st. Why would anyone do this??? Well, I’ll give you three awesome reasons:

  1. It will help you avoid the holiday pounds. The average person gains up to 7 lbs over the winter holidays with all of the parties and food and drinking. This will help you work that off!
  2. The entry fee is a $25 donation to our member, Dr. Podeszwa’s son’s legacy charity, the St. Alcuin’s Scholarship Fund. It celebrates his beloved son whose life was cut short by neuroblastoma – a rare form of cancer.decide2
  3. The winner gets a FREE MONTH OF CROSSFIT!!!

So who won this incredibly awesome prize that everyone wants so badly??? I’ll give you a hint, the winner is a female! And what she did to win was decide, commit and follow through – something you might need to do in this New Year! So this is how I saw this contest unfold… first I announced it and many people said, “There is no way I can do that so I’m not even going to try.”  Self-Defeatist if you ask me! Many people said, “Hell yeah!” and they signed up and they wrote down their scores – when they remembered to do it. The problem is they didn’t always remember to write them down or send them to me. Some people signed up and worked really hard. I mean, I got walking, running, elliptical, biking, skiing, rowing and hiking scores from all over Dallas, Colorado and Hawaii!

andiHowever, no one worked harder than our winner – Andi Knowles. Andi decided from the beginning that she wanted to win and she wanted to make sure that no one had a chance to beat her – whether they were training for a marathon, skiing mountains in Colorado, hiking volcanoes in Hawaii or biking all over Dallas. She hit the road every day and she recorded her steps with her iwatch. Her husband, Scott, told me that she wouldn’t let their son, Cal, go to a friends house unless they walked over there together! This was working really well, but she needed to contend with Andrea, who is training for a marathon. So, she made sure to sit down and row and bike extra meters each day after class. Then, along came Kerry and his incredible bike rides! He got a 35 mile ride in one day that threw everyone for a loop! The contest just got a little bit closer, but Andi had a plan. She found a place with spin classes and got a few days in and got thousands of meters to put her back over the top.commit

My last two blogs have been about mindfulness and diet and how important it is to actually think about what it is you put in your mouth. We all have a tendency to walk around and get a little taste of this treat or a little bite of french fries or one little drink before bed. But believe me – that stuff adds up! The same goes for exercise. The reason Andi won is because she was mindful – she thought about how she would win the contest, she created a plan and she followed through. BAMMMM!!!! Now she is a winner! She actually almost TRIPLED the score of the person in second place! THAT is dedication, y’all!

Congratulations to Andi Knowles for your dedication, commitment and follow through! You will now get a month of FREE CrossFit!



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