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MONDAY, 8/1/22

CrossFit Odyssey – CrossFit


Joints/Tens (No Measure)


Ten of each:


Back Extensions (supermans),


air squats,


Push Presses and

Overhead Squats

Warm-up (No Measure)


Run x 400m, nasal breathing only

Two sets of:

Prone Pass Through

L-Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Press x 8 reps per side


Shoulder Press (5X1)

Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets):

Strict Shoulder Press x 1 rep

Suggested loads per set (by %): 80, 85, 90, 95, 95+

Once you have found your 1-RM, perform the following:

Push Press (2 X MAX)

Every 3 minutes, for 6 minutes (2 sets):

Push Press x Max Reps @ 80-85% of today’s 1-RM


Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets of each):

Station 1 – Dumbbell Shoulder Press x 8-10 reps @ 2111

Station 2 – Strict Pull-Ups x 6-8 reps @ 2111

Station 3 – Farmer’s Carry x 100 Meters


Helen (Time)

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35#
12 Pull-ups


Three rounds for time of:

400 Meter Run

30 Kettlebell Swings

8Compare results to February 25, 2022.

Accessory Work

Three sets of:

Wall Slides x 5 reps (slow and controlled)

Rest as needed

Supinated Grip Strict Pull Ups x 6-10 reps

Rest as needed

Use a band to assist if needed in order to control throughout the entire pull up

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