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No Try, Do – Yoda


Do you remember in Star Wars when Luke meets Yoda and Yoda teaches him how to use the force? It’s an awesome scene that relates to so many of us in so many ways. Belief and faith are incredible forces within us. It can make us or break us – allow us to achieve incredible feats or leave us down and defeated.

There are so many areas in life when your belief and faith can set you up. We often hear from our children, “I can’t do that”. But as parents we teach them that with a little effort they can accomplish the goal set in front of them. As adults we have learned that by giving something a try we can do more than we thought we could do, but we still see images of people doing the incredible and we tell ourselves, “I could never do that”.images (26)

And sometimes you can’t. I mean let’s face it, only one guy makes the team as the quarterback. Only one guy is the winner of a race. One guy is considered “The Fittest on Earth”.

But a whole lot of the time you can. I hear people everyday say they could never try CrossFit. And what amazes me is that they have never even seen it or tried it except for maybe seeing The CrossFit Games on TV. Of course, what most of us do in the gym is nothing like what those people do. They are the Fittest on Earth. What we do is learn how to move correctly. Those people have already figured out that part. What we do is learn to get healthy. They are the pinnacle of health.

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I see men and women – but mostly women – everyday who say they could never lift a heavy barbell and then when we get them out there lifting they are so much stronger than they ever knew. They think they are going to hurt themselves picking up a 35lb kettlebell even though they pick up their 50lb kids several times a day… And kettle bells don’t wiggle!2014-5-1 002

This is Mary with her diaper bag, a backpack, a port-a-crib and a wriggling baby.

So what if we approached a workout or a run or a race or an obstacle course by telling ourselves, “Wow! I’m totally going to DO that!” What if we approached obstacles in our personal lives and our jobs the same way?

No try, do.

It might take you a little time to get there, but get there, you will, if only you have faith. If you don’t believe, then you will fail long before you ever begin.

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