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October Offerings

October is coming and that means lots of fun stuff is coming too! Check out these awesome options and see if you want to participate with us!


Yes, I know football is on TV in October, but this might just be a great time for you to give this a try and see how you feel. After all, the school year has now become more routine and the weather is cooling off and you can really take some time to focus on your health. And alcohol is probably the number ONE issue I see with people’s diets:

  • Alcohol not only adds empty calories (meaning that the calories have no nutritional value), but it also suppresses (puts on hold) your body’s ability to process fat because it treats the alcohol as poison.
  • Alcohol can also inhibit dietary restraint and this can result in eating more food.
  • The foods we eat when drinking also tend to be higher in fat and carbs, so they are more likely to be stored as fat.
  • Summary – Alcohol might be what is making you FAT! And it’s really not good for you.

If you start it and decide you don’t like it then quit. Or – make it to the end of the month and then celebrate like a Rock Star on Halloween. Or, if you decide you felt amazing and you want to continue it, then stick with it a little bit longer and see how great you can feel!

Monday, October 4thJohn Mariotti’s 65th birthday!

Friday, October 8th 6:00pmSweatiest Hour at The Adaptive Training Foundation in Carrolton

Adaptive Training Foundation empowers those living with physical disabilities to transform their lives through exercise and community. Here you will join in a friendly workout with athletes who are missing limbs and have other debilitating injuries and illnesses. If you have ever wanted to be inspired, this is for you! Great place to take your kids, too!

GRAB YOUR SQUAD and join us Friday, October 8th at 6pm for our ATF Sweatiest Hour, open to everyone regardless of ability or disability. Sign up on a team to reserve your spot in order to attend our FREE group fitness class. Teams may disappear as spots fill up so grab yours quickly to support, sweat and socialize with our #AdaptiveTribe. After an hour of living fit, we are going to live fun with a Happy Hour to follow at 7pm. Join us for the free happy hour directly following the workout with our very own ATF athlete Derrick “DJ Rage”!


Have you been wanting to make a change, achieve a goal, or create a new habit but just don’t have time, the mindset or the willpower to do it?  Let me introduce you to Kim Pearcy. Kim is a new CrossFit Odyssey member, an ESD high school friend of mine and our group moderator. She took advantage of quarantine by taking new classes on helping people get healthy and set goals and she would love to help people here at CrossFit Odyssey do the same, and this is a message from her:

Hi there everyone, I’m Kim and I am new to Crossfit Odyssey and very happy to be a part of such an inspirational group!  I am currently studying to be a functional medicine health coach and want to establish this group to help individuals realize their goals as well as to gain personal experience with the coaching skills that I am learning.  A functional medicine health coach is a developing field of practice that bridges a gap between practitioner and patient by providing people with the tools to make the health and lifestyle changes necessary to overcome chronic disease.

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our group for a Goals Challenge which will kick off on Monday, October 11th, just 6 weeks before Thanksgiving Week.  Set your vision, create your goal(s), and take advantage of the support, accountability and overall synergy groups offer.  Accountability Groups are proven successful in promoting overall positive outcomes for realizing goals and behavior change that sticks.  Your goals do not have to be fitness or diet-related, it is your choice and should be something that is meaningful and relevant to your vision. 

Goal Ideas may include but are not limited to:

  • lose fat
  • gain muscle
  • learn new CrossFit Skills
  • organize my bank account
  • get a new job
  • clean out my house
  • learn to spend more time with my family
  • learn to “Fill My Cup”
  • learn to Set Boundaries and keep them

I am grateful to Ellie and John for allowing me the opportunity to lead this accountability group,  as coaches, they know how empowering it is to achieve one’s goals and they want to see each and every one of their members succeed not only in their fitness goals but with their life goals as well.  

I will be at the gym for questions and sign-ups on Saturday, Oct 1 at 10 am – or feel free to send me an email at to arrange another time to talk. Once I have heard from those of you who are interested, I will work together with the group to establish what works best for all, regarding a weekly meeting time and if it will be a zoom or live meeting.  The Goal Challenge will begin October 11th (6 weeks prior to Thanksgiving Week).  The cost is $150 for 6 – 1 hour weekly meetings. In addition to working towards everyone’s goals and accountability, each session will include an educational piece focusing on various aspects of health and wellness. 

October 23-24 – Dallas Spartan Race!

As many of you know, I was inspired to give this race a go by one of our very own athletes, Kimberlee Gromatzky. We would love to have you join us! This is an obstacle race (although we will not be racing to win, just to complete it). If you don’t know what an obstacle race is – trust me, they are fun! You can check out the site and the obstacles here. There are several options (Ultra, Elite, 50K, Beast 21K, 10 K and Sprint 5K) and you can pick the one that is right for you. Kimberlee is doing the Sprint and I will either do the Sprint or the 10K. REGISTER NOW so that we can do it together!

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