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Sunday Story…Abundance

Sunday Story…Abundance

There is enough.
Enough love
Enough money
Enough energy
Enough help
Enough food
Enough to go around
Enough of everything

Have you ever wondered why when 1 fast food place goes in a bunch more open in close proximity? If there were only so many dollars available everyone would be cutting smaller and smaller pieces of the pie. What happens, instead, is the pie gets bigger. All those places actually make more money as the pie expands. Abundance.

If you live like there isn’t enough to go around, you will constantly be fighting to maintain whatever you have. Sharing won’t work for you as it takes away from your piece. Having a new competitor open nearby causes you a headache as you are afraid of losing out. This is a scarcity model. It is a fear based model. This is the model that has us scratching and scrabbling for every little crumb and morsel, afraid that someone else will get more, or get our piece.

Living in the abundance model is much more joyful. It is easier to be happy when someone else’s success takes place because you know there is more success for everyone. An ever expanding pie means there is more for everyone. This is a good thing.

Where would you rather live? In a world where there is never enough and everyone has to fight to keep their little piece of turf and is afraid of not having enough? Or in a world where there is always plenty to go around, you can give freely because you know there is more coming your way, and you can joyfully celebrate everyone’s success? Not much choice in my opinion.

Scarcity sucks. Live from an abundance mindset. Life will be much more enjoyable, less stressful, and generally easier. It’s a choice you can make every day.

John Mariotti

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