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Sunday Story…Act Your Age

Sunday Story…Act Your Age

Not really. At least not the age the world thinks of at a certain age. Let’ be honest, you and I know that when we think of someone 70 or 80 years old we don’t picture health and vitality. We picture decrepitude and dotage. We picture someone in the twilight of their days, one foot in the grave and the other foot dragging along.

This isn’t you. At least it doesn’t have to be you. But you better do something about it and you better do something about it now. This is one of those things that pays an compounding dividend over time. The rewards are not linear but progressive. Just imagine if you had been in serious pursuit of your health and fitness from age 20. You could have years of health and fitness under your belt. But when you start is not as important as starting. If you start now in 10 years you will have 10 years of chasing health and fitness. But if you wait until you are a certain age, you will have lost all of those years from now until then.

Don’t act your age. Act the age you want to be. This doesn’t mean you have to repeat all the mistakes and angst you had at 25 or 35 or whatever. This means when you get up in the morning you take all the wisdom of your years and apply them to creating the life you want. When I look around at the average almost 59 year old I do not see myself. When I look in the mirror I see an example of shining health and fitness.

Show up today. Tomorrow you can look in the mirror and see more vitality, more health, and more fitness. 10 years from now the rest of the world will see someone 10 years younger than you are instead of the opposite. When you hit 60 it really will be the new 30 for you because you spent decades optimizing your health and fitness.

Stop acting your age. It was good advice when you were 8. It isn’t so good when you are 38 or 48. Start acting like you are in the peak of health, like you are at the pinnacle of fitness. There is only way to get there. Show up. Do work. Repeat.

See you tomorrow!

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