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Sunday Story…All Mine

Sunday Story…All Mine

I am 100% responsible for my life.

Let that sink in for a minute. I know you were born to a certain family, in a particular place and that you arrived here with certain genetic flukes and flaws. But if you are now over the age of 21 and especially if you have made it past 30 you have to accept responsibility for your life and the way it looks.

You are 100% responsible for your communications. I know that message sent is not always message received. But when you find out that the message you sent was not received the way you wanted it to be received you are responsible for re-framing the message and making sure the recipient gets the message you are trying to send.

You are 100% responsible for your relationships. Sometimes we say relationships are 50/50 but really you are 100% responsible for the relationship. You must take on the care and feeding of that relationship all on your own. Your partners and friends bear their own responsibilities, it is true, but you need to be the one who takes care of it if you want it to be all you want it to be.

You are 100% responsible for your health, fitness and well being. No one is forcing you to eat bad food or drink alcohol. No one can exercise for you. No one can help you be healthy except you. Again, it falls on your shoulders.

You are 100% responsible for being exactly where you are today. Your life has taken the turns and twists it has taken. Some things may have been out of your control. Some things may have happened that were unforeseen and unpredictable. But in the end you are where you are because of the things you said, did or thought. You are in control, at all times, of how you react, or what your attitude is about what is happening around you. As a matter of fact, it is your attitude that determines the trajectory of your life.

Is your attitude one of abundance and plenty? Or is it about scarcity and lack? Your attitude is the single most important factor in the satisfaction you have or don’t have about your life. And no one is responsible for that attitude but you and only you. Decide to act from abundance and plenty…your life will change.

Take responsibility…all of it. It’s much more satisfying than abdicating what happens to you to the winds of chance!

John Mariotti

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