Sunday Story…All you can eat

Might not be a benefit. Just because you Can do something does not mean you Should do something.

You can eat it all but should you? If eating all I can leaves me with a bloated belly and an all day malaise, should I indulge myself that way?

Quite often doing what I can eliminates the things I really should do. Doing what I can is to succumb to the urgent, to the pressing, to the insistent. Doing what I should is strategic, important and planned.

The flashing neon sign is not a good indicator of quality or sound planning. Knowing what you want to accomplish requires you to stay on course and not be distracted by the cheap, by the insistent, by the new shiny bauble.

All you can eat is the bastion of the unsatisfied and unintentional. Don’t be pulled off course by the easy or cheap or alluring. They are the bringers of false hope.

You know what to do, now go out and do it.

John Mariotti