Sunday Story…Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

We like the familiar, the usual, and the stuff we feel comfortable around. Change is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and unusual.

On the other hand change is inevitable. Without change nothing grows. You can hide from change but that won’t stop the inevitable, things will continue to grow, shift, transform.

The question becomes: Are you managing your change or is it managing you?

Every year my body changes…did it change last year in a way that I wanted it to or did it shift in ways that were out of my control? I have an opportunity everyday to manage my growth. If I manage my growth it becomes familiar. I become competent with change the more often I apply myself to managing it.

Pick up more weight. Eat 1 more meal that is healthy. Read 1 more book on your reading list. Make that uncomfortable call. Change is coming. What it looks like is up to you.

John Mariotti