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Sunday Story…Dad

Sunday Story…Dad

There is a phone call I can’t make today. Over the years my Father and I had a good relationship. I never felt judged by him for doing some of the odd stupid things I have done. I am fortunate I got to say all the things that I needed to say to him before he passed from this world. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

Everything I learned about being a man I learned from my father. All credit goes to him for the good things I know and do. The responsibility for all the stupid screwed up things I have done are on me. He inspired me to be the best at anything I tried my hand at. He taught me hard work is always worthy. He taught me that a day’s work is valuable no matter what work you were doing…sweeping floors, picking fruit, teaching a child…all work is important.

He taught me that people were to be valued. That each person in the world has gifts and we should look for and find those gifts. Don’t judge a person’s worth by the color of his skin, his occupation or his standing. Look for and find the good in each person. Get an education.

If it’s worth doing then do it well. If you take a man’s money, do the job he paid you for. You don’t have to win every time you play but you have to play to win every time. Practice hard. Enjoy yourself. Eat good food. Stay connected to the earth. Be kind to animals but don’t let them live in the house (didn’t take that one to heart, Dad).

My father was a good man. He raised 4 sons who turned out pretty well. I felt loved by my father. I was very fortunate.

If there are things you need to say to your father, do it today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us and you don’t want to spend the rest of your time needing to say something you could have said easily today.

I love you Dad. I think of you every day and when I am faced with a decision I always ask myself what my dad would do. Thanks for all your love and guidance over the last 57 years. I wish you were still here.

John Mariotti
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