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Sunday Story…Don’t Do it

Sunday Story…Don’t do it

CrossFit that is. It’s dangerous. No it is worse than dangerous. It is subversive. That’s right, I am uncovering the deep dark secret of CrossFit…it is the worst possible thing you could do. Just say No!

If CrossFit was only dangerous you could slow down and chip off some intensity and reduce the danger to your physical being. Lots of people will tell you CrossFit is dangerous…you might get hurt…you might do things that you didn’t know you could do…you might ask your body to perform in way it never has before. All of those things could be dangerous, could lead to an injury, and could bring out your inner athlete, previously unknown or comatose.

So what. Any exercise program might do that. You could get hit by a car on your morning walk (like my 98 year old great grandfather); you could pull a muscle playing tennis or end up with golfer’s elbow. You can’t live in a bubble and danger lurks around many corners.

Changing your fitness isn’t hard, especially if you are starting from zero. CrossFit is, on the other hand, subversive. You will start believing differently. You will start to shift your belief system. You may decide to dress differently. You may decide some things are more important and others less so.

CrossFit will subvert the power common culture exerts over you. Eating real food will eliminate the power big pharma and big food marketers have over you. The opinions of other people will matter less and your opinion of yourself will grow. Suddenly the things you thought were important (the number on the scale) will start to look stupid and other things (how your clothes fit) will make more sense.

CrossFit will subvert the power of the sheeple over you. You will need to break out from the herd, stand up and be counted as an individual. Let your own flag fly, not the one that looks like all the rest. How is this possible…after all CrossFit is just an exercise program, like P-90X or Zumba or Pilates, right?

Sure. That’s all it is. Go right ahead and keep thinking that way. Go ahead and give it a try. I won’t tell you the dark dirty subversive secret. I won’t pull the curtain back. Until it’s too late, that is. Until the subversion can’t be turned back or turned off. Individual freedom is intoxicating and addictive.

When you walked in you wanted to work out, sweat a little, smile a lot, shed some calories and have fun. When you walked out you were filled with a sense of accomplishment, knowledge that you are better than you knew, stronger in your mind and spirit than you thought possible. If that isn’t subversive, what is?

Come upset the apple cart of the status quo with me!

John Mariotti
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