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Sunday Story…Exercise Control part 3

Sunday Story…Exercise Control part 3

It’s the end of February and your New Year’s goals have gone by the way side. The gym was too hard or maybe you didn’t get the results you wanted. Your work out buddy bailed on you. You missed a day then 2 then a week. You just can’t seem to get a jump start to get going again.

Similar to your nutritional situation you need to set yourself up for success. Working out 7 days a week is not a sustainable plan. On the other hand, having a plan is absolutely necessary.

Control your Movement

Commit to moving. Buy one of those step counter things (fit bit or a pedometer) and commit to a certain number of steps every day. Start low. Add some every day until you are getting 10,000+ a day.

Park your car at the far end of the parking garage. Every. Time.

Take the stairs. It may only be one flight on day one but it’s the stairs.

Hire a trainer. A professional (like me or one of us here at Odyssey!) who will assess you and get a program to build your strength, endurance, and fitness.

Set a timer every 15 minutes for you to get up from your chair and move for 5 minutes or more.

Get a buddy who will walk or go to class or at least keep you accountable.

Commit to doing something outside every weekend for a few minutes then more every weekend.

Set realistic goals. I don’t work out 7 days a week and neither should you. But I do move every day and so should you.

Understand that your results are dependent upon how hard you work not how long. 60 minutes of unintentional movement will never beat 15 minutes of intentional hardcore sweat dripping heart pounding training to burn excess calories and fat.
Muscle takes up less space than fat. Get strong by doing squats. Just in the air then with weight. You will get stronger, guaranteed. And stronger people are harder to kill!

All the BMI and average weight tables mean nothing if you aren’t fit and healthy. This is a lifestyle, a way of living not a short term fix. You are doing this for yourself, not me, not your spouse but for you.

Eating healthy is fun. Living in a body that moves well is fun. Being fit is a way of being not a chore or a duty. Long term change can easily take place 1 degree at a time…after all when water goes from 211 to 212 degrees it becomes steam and steam can power a 5 ton locomotive engine…see it here:

Get Fit…Body, Mind, Soul. If you want personal attention…call me at 775-338-2412

John Mariotti

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