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Sunday Story…Exercise Control

Sunday Story…Exercise Control

So we are still on the change train. How do we change, how do we insure success when we want to change? If we are talking about our nutritional challenges (and that is where we started) there are several places we need to be watchful of.

Once we have moved toward a more healthful outlook that includes knowledge of nutrition and exercise there are several key factors in success. Internal motivation is always going to be more effective in the long run. This is why challenges are not long term success strategies…too often the motivation is externally driven. Internal motivation such as better health, increased energy, self esteem improvement, and more personal control will all improve your ability to be successful in your life long quest to be more fit. You must believe in yourself, and believe you can do this.

Here are some concrete ideas to help you on your way:

Control Your Home Environment

Sit down and eat. Don’t eat standing over the counter, while watching TV or on the computer. Be mindful in your eating practice.
Don’t buy food that tempts you to eat the wrong thing…out of sight, out of mind!
Keep healthy choices prepared and available all the time.

Control Your Work Environment

Get rid of the “treats” hiding in your desk!
Bring healthy snacks from home if you must eat at your desk.
Take a walk instead of hitting the break room where the cookie stash is.
Make sure you eat when you are supposed to…not eating will only create desire and then the poor choices will be easier to make.
On special occasions bring your own food or pick one thing to eat and enjoy that ONE thing. Be that guy or girl!

Control Your Mealtime

Plate your food. In other words put what you are going to eat on a plate and put the plate on the table not the entre serving dish.
Put a palm sized portion of meat (protein) and a palm sized portion of starch on your plate and then cover the rest of it with vegetables. And that is your palm not a King Kong palm. You do not need to eat a 16oz. porterhouse steak!
Use smaller dishes to fool yourself into thinking your plate is full.
Limit yourself to eating what you put on your plate. It’s a habit.

Every Day

Trade mindless eating with another activity. If you snack while watching a certain thing on TV or at a certain time, go for a walk instead, or pick a new activity. We all watch too much TV anyway!
If a craving strikes, wait 20 minutes to see if it passes.
Drink a large glass of water before eating.
Always have a bottle of water to drink all day. Thirst is often interpreted as hunger.
Quit adding calorie rich add ons to your food like salad dressings!


Do not shop hungry or tired
Make a list, check it twice and then stick to it
Read the labels. Make a different choice if the item appears to be a chemical sh*# storm. Remember real food doesn’t need a nutritional label!

Food Preparation

If you must taste test use a very very small spoon.
Fix only what you will eat or if you are making enough to eat later, portion that out and put it in containers as you go.


Be mindful
Put your fork or spoon down between bites and chew your food thoroughly before you cut the next bite.
Cut smaller pieces and cut it as you go, not all at once (you aren’t 4 anymore!)
Stop eating and rest to allow the food to settle

There is more to this…next week!

John Mariotti

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