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Sunday Story…Fall Down

Sunday Story…Fall Down

You often hear it said about certain things…”it’s like riding a bike.” What we mean by this is once learned we just need a little refresher to get back to a previous level of expertise. Easy to do, right?

Sure, but what is forgotten is the struggle it took to learn the skill in the first place. How many times did you fall off the bike? How long did the training wheels stay on? How many skinned knees and tears were produced? You had to want to learn to ride that bike.

Here’s another one you can’t remember but have watched your whole life. Learning to walk…everyone of us can walk (absent a physical impediment). Yet every one of us failed time after time on the road to walking. We fell. We got up. We fell. We got up. Over and over and over and over again. Today we walk, run, skip, hop, dance, and, generally, locomote all over the place.

So when I say, “it’s like riding a bike,” I don’t mean it’s easy. I don’t mean to take anything away from the process it took to gain the expertise. What I mean when I say, “it’s like riding a bike,” is that you have already fought the battle. Don’t re-fight the battles you have already won. Don’t get all up in your head about a skill you already own. Just smile and remember the joy you experienced when the skill arrived.

Then get on that bike and ride!

John Mariotti

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