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Sunday Story…Freedom

Sunday Story…Freedom

Requires discipline. Many people think Freedom means you can do anything you want, whenever you want. But, really, that’s not freedom, that’s anarchy and chaos. To be truly free you must have discipline.

Discipline means you will do what you need to do, what you meant to do, what you signed up to do no matter what. Come hell or high water. Barring accidental death or dismemberment you are going to step up and put all of your focus and energy into the task you have chosen to do. Discipline isn’t about doing one thing. It’s about doing all the things you need to do to achieve the goal you have set in front of yourself.

How does this relate to freedom? Let’s suppose you want to go to Africa and climb MT. Kilimanjaro. But walking across the street leaves you out of breath. You don’t have the freedom to climb that mountain, do you? If you want to ascend to those heights you have to get down and get to work to be able to do that.

Freedom requires us to be disciplined in our approach. We must have a plan and stay on the task to complete that plan. Financial freedom does not happen by accident. Physical fitness (a freedom that allows me to move the way I want when I want) requires consistent work. Intellectual freedom (to think, read, and write as I choose) requires vigilance. None of these things just happen by chance. They require work. Work requires discipline. Discipline is the proper application of focus and attention to the job at hand.

Want to be free? Get discipline. Freedom will follow.

John Mariotti

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