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Sunday Story…Fun Work

Sunday Story…Fun Work

So now that you all know about my “fun challenged” life. Here is an extension on that admission…
We all have work we do. Sometimes we do it in an office with a boss holding a clock over us demanding our full attention to his needs and wants. Sometimes we have imposed deadlines that lord over us. Sometimes we have the work we have set before us by our own volition. Sometimes we have the onerous task of self improvement…diet, exercise, positive thinking, or just being better.

When your work becomes this plodding, cantankerous, crabby dictator you are not having any fun. You are taking your work personally. You are taking your work on as a chore. Your work becomes something to get done, something to be done with.

You need to be serious about your work. Your work is important. Your work needs to get done and the world needs to see it. But it needn’t weigh you down; it should not be an albatross around your neck. It doesn’t have to be a sour dour task. You are you own worst taskmaster. You push through, past the fun, past the seriousness and deep into an unpleasant melancholy of achievement. And where is the fun in that?

Look, do your work. But let’s not take it so personally. Let’s approach it with that same intent and attitude we approach our fun…a thing to do that will have no pre-conceived outcome. What would happen if you took your next project and threw out the outcome and just did it for the joy of doing it. What if you showed up in the office tomorrow and just did the job like a game of flying disc? Run, jump, catch, toss…repeat with a smile? At the end of the day you will be happier and I bet you will get even more accomplished. You can take it seriously…you can put excellence on the line…you can perform with aplomb and accuracy…and you can have fun.

Don’t take it personally, take it seriously.

John Mariotti
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