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Sunday Story…Happy New Year

Sunday Story…Happy New Year

It’s that time of year when we look forward (and back) at the past year and the one upcoming. Every day I get another email promising if I just participate in this challenge, buy this course, or jump through these hoops 2017 will be my greatest year EVER!

It seems to me I got similar things in 2016 and 2015 and 2014 and beyond. And maybe every one of those things contributed to having great years (some were better than others). But maybe I don’t need anything outside of myself to help me enjoy a better year. Maybe I need to look internally for some ways to make things even better in 2017.

How about taking apart the things that happened in 2016 so you can become aware of what worked and what didn’t? That way you can repeat and make better those things that worked. And not do the things that didn’t work!
You could call it the 25 things this year taught me! Or 10 or 50 or whatever number floats your boat. But if you don’t look back and assess what did and didn’t work you may find that 2017 looks a lot like 2016.

Here are of three of mine:

1. Rest is good. Get more conscious about slowing down and letting things happen organically.
2. Communication is the key. Open honest communication will always win the day, even when it looks hard.
3. People love who you are, when who you are truly is who you are meant to be. I love to be around people living their passion, working on themselves, and happy in the world.

The list could go on…but maybe you should go make yours now!

John Mariotti

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