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Sunday Story…Harmonious Balance

Sunday Story…Harmonious Balance

We often talk about the need to be balanced in our life. When we get out of balance weird things start happening. Balancing work, family, career, school, me time, exercise, etc, etc, is hard work. It is easy to get overwhelmed and out of balance…then you get sick which forces you to slow down and re-balance.

That really isn’t a balance problem, though, that’s an overcommitted problem. You bit off more than you can chew and now you are choking on it. If you keep on like that too long bad stuff will happen.

But if we are going to get anything done…any really big project…we are going to find ourselves out of balance. We need to be super laser focused on one thing. And that lets other thing fall by the wayside.

BUT we can still be harmonious. Even when I am consumed by my one big thing I can still manage the rest of my life…sleep well, eat healthy nutritious food, give the attention I have 100% when I can give it.

In other words…multi-tasking is the enemy here, not balance. Turn your laser focus on your family, then on your career, then on your school work. Divide and conquer rather than trying to get it all done at once.

Being out of balance isn’t the problem, not having harmony is. Be harmonious and balance will be found.

John Mariotti

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