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Sunday Story…Hierarchy of Needs

Sunday Story…Hierarchy

Of Needs.

We are fortunate to live in a time and place where most of our basic physiological needs are easily met. Most of us have food, shelter, and clothing. We are safe, and secure, have relationships and places we belong, and things we do that bring us joy.

The top of the pyramid…the self-actualization piece is a little more difficult. It requires introspection, a willingness to look at yourself deeply and ask some intensive and uncomfortable questions…

What do you really want?
How do you want us to remember you?
What legacy are you building?
Are you living your purpose, on purpose?
If today was your last day, have you said all that needed to be said, told all the stories you had to tell, gave the world the gifts you were here to deliver?

No? Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s overdue. What’s the stop? You needn’t worry about your basic needs or your psychological needs. So let’s get to work dancing on the top of the pyramid.

John Mariotti

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