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Sunday Story…I Can’t

Sunday Story…I can’t

Yet. We used to tell the kids that “can’t” is a four letter word…don’t use it, it’s a bad word. It is also self-fulfilling. When you say you can’t or you can you are probably right.

You are right, quite often you can’t do a thing. I still can’t do the splits after almost 25 years of wanting to do them. That was the original quest, by the way, on this whole exercise thing I do. I was a red belt in TaeKwon-Do and really wanted to do the splits. Not only was it cool but it also indicates a certain flexibility useful in executing high kicks. So I read some books and one of them (a highly respected author) said if you want to do the splits you need to be stronger. And so began the journey I now find myself on. Somewhere along the way I stopped working on them very diligently but I am way stronger than I was when I started!

There is no reason I can’t do the splits. In other words there is no physical limitation standing between me and the splits. The thing that is standing between me and the splits is between my ears. I don’t work at it, I don’t set aside time for diligent practice so I can’t do the splits. If I really wanted to do it I could.

Stop saying I can’t. You can. IF you want to do it. IF you are willing to set aside the time and energy to do it. IF you decide to put in the work to do it. Start saying I can. Embrace your power to do all the things you want to do.

I can…

John Mariotti

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