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Sunday Story…It’s Magic!

Sunday Story…It’s Magic!

Or not. There is a hilarious YouTube video about why you can’t use a cell phone on an airplane. You can watch it here:

There are lots of things that appear magic to us…weight loss, fitness, rocketry, bread making, electricity…but they really aren’t magic at all. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it magic.

I don’t understand electricity but I love the fact that the lights come on when I hit the switch. Just because I can’t explain the science behind flight doesn’t mean I won’t get on an airplane. And you don’t have to know all the ins and outs of fitness to know you are more fit than before.

You don’t have to make up some story about why it works but if you need to you can. You don’t have to cower and run when the lights come on, a plane takes off or you hit a snatch PR. You just have to take it on face value that it is working and your understanding of the thing has nothing to do with the efficacy.

Sometimes magic works.

John Mariotti

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