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Sunday Story…More Cowbell

Sunday Story…More Cowbell

There is a ubiquitous Saturday Night Live skit done in 2000 featuring Christopher Walken called More cowbell. The gist of it is simple…the producer (Walken) wants more cowbell on the track. The band members resist. The finally agree to the right amount of cowbell. (You can see the clip here:

Modern life is like this these days. We are getting more and more cowbell to the point that it drowns out the rest of what we want or need to hear. We have 24 hour news cycles, more and more information from more and more sources (some of which just pander to what we want to hear), and a virtual overload of cacophonous sounds coming from all directions.

Drinking from a firehouse is rarely a good thing. The fire department, on the other hand needs the biggest fire hose it can find to put out the blaze. We can limit the stream of information that enters our consciousness. But the information isn’t going to stop streaming because we use a small hose to drink out of.

Better to take that cowbell and explore the space. Dig in and irritate your status quo, find your limits and push them out further. Make a bunch of noise and irritate yourself with more cowbells until you can discover the right amount of cowbell. You just think your limits have been reached. After all, overwhelmed is temporary.

More Cowbell.

John Mariotti

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