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Sunday Story…Motivation vs. Commitment

Sunday Story…Commitment vs. Motivation

I often hear people say they need to get motivated. But I suspect that isn’t what they really mean. Motivation is easy. Motivation just means you decided to do something.

You are motivated to work out. You are motivated to eat healthy food. You are motivated to get more education. You are motivated to be a better spouse. You are motivated to do lots of things. Motivation comes easy.

All you need for motivation is a decision. I need to work out or whatever you decision is. Maybe you finally got the message that healthy food is better for you. You decide to eat better. Making that decision, getting that motivation is, for the most part, simple. Motivation often arises from an external source. I read about the benefits of exercise and get motivated to do some. External sources and rewards are excellent choices for finding motivation.

Where the rubber meet the road is around Commitment. Motivation is like taking a shower; most of us need to do it every day. Commitment is part of your being. When you commit to a course of action you are going to get that action done no matter what. Nothing is going to stand in your way once you are committed. If the water is cold I may lose my motivation to take a shower but if I am committed? Cold water showers are my friend. If there is no shower? A garden hose will work. I am committed. Motivation comes and goes but commitment is here to stay.

You say you want to be healthy. You do the research. You see the Doctor, the trainer, the therapist. You are motivated to get healthy. But somewhere deep down you aren’t really committed. Deep down you don’t believe in your soul that health is yours for the taking. You need to take that first step…Get Committed. Decide to listen to the Doctor and DO what he says. Decide to listen to the Trainer and DO what she says.

We all know how smart you are, already. But if you were so smart why haven’t you already done this? Get out of your own way and get committed to a course of Action. Action is the visible result of commitment. You can say you know what to do all day long but if you don’t do it, you don’t really know.

Lose your motivation, Find your commitment.

John Mariotti
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