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Sunday Story…Not so action figures

Sunday Story…Not so action figures

When I was growing up I had a whole army of little green army guys…standing, kneeling, prone…with lots of different implements in their hands. Naturally, my brothers and I fought imaginary battle after battle. But those little figures were just representations of people doing actions. They really didn’t “do” anything. We did all the doing for them.

Those army men reminded us kids of the actions people could take. Like tin soldiers, pretend nutcrackers, or Barbie dolls the figurine didn’t actually do anything. They were just there to remind us of what could be done.

The world is full of stuff like that…I have shelves of books that remind me of the ideas they contain. The books don’t do anything in and of themselves, but seeing them sitting there represents to me the ideas, the “what’s possible” they contain within them. They help remind me to do or think or be a certain way. Flowers don’t love you; they just remind you that someone was thinking of you.

Surround yourself and your world with representations that invite your highest and best self. These are the totems of your aspirations…the things that will call you to the most beneficial actions. They will serve as an impetus to move you ever forward.

John Mariotti

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