Sunday Story…Now

Or later.
I want it now. I want it all and I want it now. This is the toddler’s way! I did it once; I shouldn’t have to do it, again and again, to get whatever it is.

You and I know this is not true. I have to eat healthy nourishing food over and over to get results. Once won’t do it. If I want better fitness I have to show up and work hard at the gym more than just the first 20 days of January. I know we don’t like these facts but they are immutable.

If I want a custom made anything I am going to need to wait for it. I am going to have to get fitted, learn how it works, get better at it, do some trial and error and maybe even tweak it a little before it is truly made for me.

You choose: Are your results are created by a toddler, skipping from thing to thing, going for the “cheap and easy” things, never staying long enough to see what works or doesn’t. Or are your results are created by a grown-up; who made a plan, stuck to it, changed it a bit when necessary but kept the goal in sight and stayed on task over a long period of time.

Toddler or Adult?

John Mariotti