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Sunday Story…Onward

Sunday Story…Onward

I want to win the lottery. If I win the lottery my life will change. If I win the lottery all the struggles of my life will be resolved.

We all want the quick fix, the magic pill, the one thing that will trump all the problems and issues. And every once in while we find it. Unfortunately it happens just often enough for us to believe that it is going to happen more often than it does. In the casino business they want every mark (customer) to win just enough to forget the losses and keep chasing the high of the win.

And the myth isn’t true.
It takes more than one treatment to cure the disease.
It takes shifting habits to institute real change.
There is no magic pill, no lottery ticket, and no lightning bolt that splits the ground and causes the world to move.

Stop looking for it. Stop chasing the myth of the big win, the tectonic shift, the instant gratification.

Your life, your effort, your being is too important to leave to the lottery ticket’s whims. Change will happen over time, with energy and perseverance. When it happens it will appear miraculous. You will know different.


John Mariotti

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