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Sunday Story…Outside the Box

Sunday Story…Outside the Box

We all have limits. Some of them are real and inviolable, others are made up. You can’t deadlift 3000 pounds. You can’t breathe underwater without assistance. These things are real. You can’t change them no matter how hard you try. Most of them are pretty obvious and easy to find.

False limits, however, are a bit more complicated. Those limits are often habitual puts upon us by well-meaning people. They are just trying to save us from experiencing some sort of pain. Pain is part of the price we pay for wisdom. If I don’t get out of my box and expand my horizons I won’t be able to experience anything new.

Will you fall? Will you fail? Will it hurt? Will you quit? Yes, yes, yes, and I hope not. These limits don’t define you unless you let them. All they are is a story about what some thought was possible. They aren’t real unless you let them become real.

It won’t always work but it’s possible. You are capable of bringing your best self to the issue…not a self-defined by other people’s limitations. Make your own limits then surpass them.

Color outside the lines or make new lines…do not accept someone else’s limitations as your own.

John Mariotti
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